From Francesca Mason Boring:


Allow the new image to work in you

Hellinger:  I'd like to draw your attention to something.  When a new issue arises or a new image develops, you can't act immediately.  That's an important point.  You shouldn't make any quick decisions.  The new image does the work itself, and after a while, it will be very clear what has to be done.  If you move too fast, you get ahead of your soul, and the new picture recedes.  So it's important not to make any rash decisions or take hasty actions.  Just continue exactly as before, without making any changes, until things become crystal clear.

Sometimes things will change without even noticing it; that is without any push from the ego. (P. 136)

-Supporting Love:  Bert Hellingers's Work with Couples (Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Inc. Co. 2001

Hellinger:  Many people start making objections after a constellation, out of fear.  They go into their minds and start putting their new experiences in old theories and former experiences, and then the work is destroyed.  If you do that, you go out of the experience and into your thinking.  We then follow personal preferences  and beliefs; we are lead by something smaller than the full experience.

Unfortunately, many therapists help their clients make such objections.  Sometimes .. therapists experienced in other therapy forms try to follow up what happened in the constellation.  They may give advice or interpret in a way that softens what happened so that it has no longer its original power.  That kind of helpful interpretation and advice is actually a form of objection ...

The other thing is, it is no use to try to remember what happened in the constellation.  The soul know is.  Most people forget completely what happened, and that's a sign of the quality of the work.  Really helpful work is beyond thinking. (P178-179)

-Touching Love, Volume 2:  A Teaching Seminar with Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont

Copyright:  1999 by Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag

Hellinger:  ​There's another point to consider.  Much of what we work with here is the result of entanglements that a family system imposed on a child, and that child accepted out of love.  They often are things we didn't choose and couldn't defend ourselves against.  Working at that level exposes both our child's loyalty and our innocent defenselessness.  People feel safer opening up to that level when they don't have to worry about comments, criticism, feedback, or suggestions from other group members.  No matter how well meaning, comments can easily hurt and shame that tender place where we all still love innocently, like little children.  Group process and group dynamics care effective methods for other tasks, but they just don't offer the level of safety we need in order to work as we do here. (P.194)

Love's Own Truths, Bonding & Balancing in Close Relationships, Bert Hellinger

Copyright:  2001 by Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Inc.

​(With permission from Francesca Mason Boring)

From Francesca Mason Boring:

Family System Constellations....pages 1 - 6:  "For millions of people worldwide, Family Systems Constellation has become a reliable intervention when people are "stuck" or when they have pain in their lives, with anxieties, problems and barriers that seem somehow not to be of their own making. The work is simple, the premise is simple, and the results are simple....Family Systems Constellation provides an opportunity.  To identify and release ancestral barriers to happiness, health and well-being is a significant step forward. When conventional methods of counseling have not worked, and when some of the experience of pain is actually based in the difficulties of prior generations, it is a gift to utilize Family Systems Constellation, which has the capacity to identify, address, and alleviate that pain....Through Family Constellations, we are able to watch family entanglements unravel, by observing representatives who stand for members of the family system, with the support of an experienced facilitator....In Family Constellations those who are present in the circle, despite often having no former connection with other participants, are willing to stand as representatives of a family system, which may have suffered loss or conflicted relationships. Facilitator, client, representatives, and all who are present, gain access to a wider field, a larger, deeper way of 'knowing' and healing. The generosity of this work and what strangers are willing to do for each other IS phenomenal.

From Lisa Iverson:

Ancestral Blueprints, Appendix I, pp. 92 - 97:   "The Family Constellation tool is a systemic approach to healing that uncovers and restructures unconscious family blueprints. It is a respectful and powerful way of gently bringing to light the hidden workings of a family system. In doing so it is possible to find ways to resolve entanglements and become free from restrictive family ties...The workshop leader facilitates an unfolding process where painful losses, information treated as family secrets, and previously unseen connections are revealed and honored. Once the unconscious system is revealed, it can be restructured into a more balanced system where love and energy flow freely as experienced by the people representing family members. participants leave with a more nourishing family picture that inspires freedom, clarity and love. The work revels the wisdom and truths of our ancestry that are held in the physical body. Its focus is on solutions - not problems - even when our rational minds may not understand either the problem or the solution."Type your paragraph here.

After the Workshop

Clearing Energy:  

  • Lie down on the floor, ground and intend to let all the energy that's not your drain into the earth  (you do not have to be able to identify it as such)
  • Take a hot bath with 1 cup of sea salt and 1 up of baking soda dissolved in the water.  Submerge at least 10 minutes.  Good for clearing your energy field any time you feel stressed, over-emotional, after being exposed to x-rays, electromagnetic radiation or after being in crowds of people for an extended time.


  •  Be prepared for contraction after expansion.  Contraction is necessary to integrate the new experiences.  You may feel a bit deflated but that will pass.  Don't judge the feeling.  

Integration happens over time (sometimes months)

Unfinished constellations are healing too.  The movement will complete in good time, when you are ready.

What helps:

  • Avoid telling your old story (it takes you back to the beginning of the constellation)
  • Go back to the end of the constellation and re-live the feeling in your heart and body
  • Hang family pictures on the walls.  Create rituals with pebbles, etc
  • Email or call your facilitators with questions.  You can also book long distance sessions.
  • Get bodywork done!  Shifts in the field of the emotional body requires a different alignment of the physical body as well.  Preferably go to someone who understands energy work
  • Participate in more constellation work to help keep your heart open

Share the work:

  • Spread the work about this work to friends and family but do not talk about the details of your constellation!  Tell them how it felt and how you feel now.  
  • You could write a testimonial to let others know what your workshop experience was.  A heartfelt testimonial can move people to try constellation work better than a dry description of the method will.  
  • With your permission your testimonial will be posted at  (remember to keep names confidential when you talk about your workshop experience)

(with permission from:  Inquire Within Healing).

Ahead of us on this path of Constellations Facilitation in the Northwest are several whose writings about the work we find especially clear, beautiful and directly informative. Here we include some of our favorite descriptions, explanations and general information about Family and Systemic Constellations, as beautifully written by our Teacher Francesca Mason Boring, and our seasoned and respected Northwest colleagues, Brigitte Stzab and Lisa Iverson. Quotes from Francesca Boring are taken from two of her richly valuable books, Connecting to Our Ancestral Past, Healing through Family Constellations, Ceremony and Ritual; a Native American Perspective, and Family Systems Constellations and Other Systems Constellations Adventures; a Transformational Journey. More about Francesca is at her website:   Quotes from Lisa Iverson are taken from her breakthrough book, Ancestral Blueprints; Revealing Invisible Truths in America's Soul.  Quotes from Brigitte Stzab are taken from her highly informative and thoughtful website Inquire Within Healing:     Thank you dear writers! 

Constellation circles

... and with respect and gratitude to Bert Hellinger, the

originator of the Family Constellations form ....

(his words from Acknowledging What Is (pp 110-111)

"I help each individual to face what fate is presenting, even to look at death.  And I help the person bring healing strengths into play ... so that they can make contact with their own strengths.  When they leave, they are more peaceful and can live out their fate in harmony, whatever it is ... Yes, reality that is brought to light is helpful.  I don't do anything except simply bring things into the open. When someone can recognize and agree to reality, then he or she achieves greatness.

From Brigitte Stzab: 

Constellation Guidelines

Selecting a representative:

  • Ask politely:  "Would you please represent ...? "
  • You don't need to find the perfect match, anybody will do
  • Preferably pick people who don't know your story
  • Don't ask the previous working participant to represent in  your constellation 
  • Try to select people who weren't in the previous constellation to give everyone the opportunity to represent (or take a break)
  • Representatives make themselves available for your healing process.  Please treat them with respect even if you don't like the family member they are representing

Being a representative:

  • Feel your body, feel your emotions, observe your thoughts, don't judge or censor what you're feeling thinking.  Don't worry about getting your own feelings mixed up with the role you are in.  Just state what you feel, or that you don't feel, if that's the case
  • Repeat suggested sentences only when they resonate with what you are feeling in the role.  Express your feelings in your own words if you are moved to, but keep it short and simple
  • After feeling your feelings in a certain place within the constellation you may feel compelled to move.  Note what feels different after the move.  You can only move yourself, not another representative
  • If you feel the need to share a feeling or insight, whether from within the constellation or sitting in the circle, carefully examine if what you want to say is relevant and helpful to the resolution of the constellation.  If you feel it is, ask to be heard
  • If your body gets tired from standing in place or holding a certain posture, do what you can to be comfortable in your place or notify the facilitator

Please refrain from engaging working participants in conversations after their constellation.  

Give them time and space to integrate!