Katherine is a heart-centered healer and offers Constellation Work as Ceremony and Transformational Work.  She has been involved with Constellations for nearly 10 years and was blessed with the opportunity to be trained and certified as a Constellation Facilitator by Francesca Mason Boring.

Katherine found her intuitive healing gifts as a massage therapist.  She is grateful for the many gifts passed down the lineage of healing women through her mother and the many generous teachers that have shared their wisdom.  Katherine expanded her healing arts with Reiki and Akashic Records.  She has also been blessed with teachings from Hawaiian, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese, Japanese and Native American practitioners.

Katherine graduated from Duke University with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy in 1990.  Her healing work is beautifully supported by both the left and right brain (analytical and intuitive).  Her work is also offered at:

Eighth Field Physical Therapy and Healing Arts in Seattle  (www.EighthField.com)

Constellation Work is offered in a gentle, supportive style that never pushes or fabricates anything external to the seeker.  Within the safe and sacred container of Constellations, we look for solutions and connections to the gifts, support and love that strengthen each seeker.

Karen Stocker

​Continually humbled and inspired by a lifetime of learning, I come to the work of Facilitation from a background as longtime Seattle area Artist-in-Residence and Public Artist in schools, prisons and hospitals, and Family-Systems-trained Washington State Certified Counselor in private practice.  I first experienced Constellations (to my great joy and amazement!) almost two decades ago. I have cherished the privilege to study with Dietrich Weth and then, in ever-greater depth, with the profoundly gifted and stunningly generous Francesca Mason Boring, my main Constellation Teachers. I have also been delighted to experience the work of Daan van Kampenhout, Johannes Schmidt, Dan Booth Cohen, Vivian Broughton, Susan Schlosser, Nancy Tung and Katherine Yano, and feel special appreciation to Northwest Facilitators Brigitte Stzab, Lisa Iverson and Anutosh Foo, for bringing wonderful Constellation Teachers to the Northwest early on, and then for each ripening into her own beautiful and truly valuable Facilitation style. 

My BA is in Humanities from Cornell University; MA from Cal State University Long Beach; MFT training from Presbyterian Counseling Services. My private practice is in the Seattle Healing Arts Building. I speak Spanish and have two grown children, great favorites of mine! I make art, sing, garden, and look for ways to try to repay the incomparable kindness of my longtime Meditation Teachers, my parents who gave me Life, and this Beautiful Earth. I have many permanent collaborative Community-generated Tile Murals in schools, prisons, hospitals and other Community settings around the Northwest, taught Drawing at Edmonds Community College for 18 years, and worked in Community Mental Health at Consejo Counseling and Referral Services, where a collaborative tile mural still fills the walls of the reception area. I was the 'clay mural artist' in Adjunctive Therapies at Navos Inpatient Psychiatric Facility for 12 years, leaving over thirty mural panels of patient artwork permanently on the walls there!  My therapy trainings include almost twenty years' study and practice of Internal Family Systems with Richard Schwartz, training and practice in Narrative Therapies, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness practices, Hakomi, and Trauma work, including Soldier's Heart work with Veterans. I'm a bicycle commuter! 

In August Katherine Yano and I will have been co-facilitating Constellation Circles for three years. It's an honor, a wonderful adventure, very fun and relaxing and exciting to learn and share together with this remarkable Healer, this lovely soul. Heartfelt thanks and love to our participants!

Also for over a year the Ballard Interfaith Community Sanctuary has hosted the ongoing monthly 'First Friday Constellation Circles.' Here I have been able to fulfill a dream of offering Constellation experiences to 'the Beloved Community' at very low cost. This venue is truly a Sanctuary for Community.

I feel lucky! And ready to Keep Going! thank you!

Katherine Yano

Constellation circles